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Dispatch Issue, DWG files do not work.

Question asked by Ross McEllhiney on May 31, 2011



I have an problem with files that have been saved using a " Save As" In Autocad.


I wrote a script at changes one of the manditory varibles with a menu Comand,

I have also tried to do this on the " During Add " On both the "after add"  and " Before Add"

The issue is the attributes do not fill until you manually change this attribute in the PDM client, from that point on the attributes are available and this script works correctly. If you run this script over any other file type it works correctly. It works for Exe, PDF, Solidworks files, everything except Dwg files created in Autocad. It will work for Dwg files created in DraftSite. I am at a loss, I really need a solution,


EPDM claims to be a multi functional PDM solution, I find that it works very poorly with All AUTOCAD files,


Please help