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Sheet metal as Virtual component and Drawings (flat pattern problem)

Question asked by alvise ferro on May 31, 2011
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last friday we tested a solution: working with Sheet metal parts as virtual components of assembly. Everything is fine, but i'm not completely happy about it.


In our company we work everytime with our old suppliers, so we used to send assembly drawings with the detailed view of only some parts (our suppliers knows perfectly the standard parts to use, we put the detail of only the part that changes); to do that, we prepare the assembly starting from existing parts, after that we make the assembly drawing, and for the detailed view we did a "model view" or a "standard 3 view" clicking on the part we need the detail. 


We do the same with virtual components. But "model view" with virtual components gave us problems: Sw says that the virtual components have to be saved as standard part or assembly in order to work with them in a drawing or in an another assembly.

The solution for us was working with "standard 3 view", in this way we obtain the 3 views of the virtual component. And we went on in this way till friday.


On friday we worked with Sheet metal, as virtual component, and we aren't able to arrive easily to a flat pattern view, for the reason that Sw insert the Flat pattern configuration only when you insert in a drawing a part that exists outside the assembly.


We solved the problem in this way

- creating a flat pattern configuration of the "virtual" Sheet metal component

- doing the detailed view with "standard 3 view", clicking on the part

- selecting the right configuration

But i'm not sure it's the easiest, or the fastest, or the most elegant, way. Also, with virtual sheet metal parts we are not able to see the bend notes.


Another solution is:

- Saving externally the part without references

- "model view" of the part, inserting the flat pattern view

But i don't like it, and i don't sincerely understand how to do a drawing of a virtual component without saving it externally.


Have you ever found, or do you know, a better solution?


Also, can anyone explain me where Sw saves the bend notes? I know that selecting the view and going under the properties of a Flat pattern view you can show/hide them, but i sincerely don't understand if Sw saves them in the part or if creates them only when you insert the model view of a sheet metal part in a drawing.


Thanks in advance for your help,