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Toolbox won't configure - swbrowser.mdb' is not the expected version (14.09)

Question asked by Michael Ross on May 30, 2011
Latest reply on Jun 2, 2011 by Michael Ross

Can someone guide me though how to fix this or help me revert to an earlier version?


When I bring up assemblies with toolbox fasteners their connection to the Toolbox is absent.  When I try to add a toolbox fastener I get this complaint:

Error: The database file 'C:\SolidWorks Data\lang\english\swbrowser.mdb' is not the expected version (14.09)


I looked around the forums but never found what I need to fix it.  I have the impression there is a way to look at the toolbox database, but I don't know how.


I found an error log that says:

********************  Tuesday, February 09, 2010   23:07:09  ********************

Source Database: C:\Program Files\SolidWorks Corp\SolidWorks (2)\toolbox\data utilities\lang\english\updatedb.mdb
Destination Database: C:\SolidWorks Data (2)\\lang\english\SWBrowser.mdb

Starting update database...

Database Version: 14.05
Update Version: 14.09

Backup Destination Database: C:\SolidWorks Data (2)\lang\english\SWBrowser.mdbold

Finished update database...


(Obviously I have been avoiding dealing with this for a while.)


I am running 2010, and keep 2009 around, if that matters.   2009 is now asking me to configure Toolbox as well though it used to work just fine.  I fear I answered some question wrong when I changed to a larger hard drive, and reinstalled everything.



?mdb.SWBrowser how to do this and that is how everyone knows?   How does one even know about explainsSeems like there a a bunch of basic info on how Toolbox functions that I don't know.  Is there some super secret help file that

Any and all help welcomed.