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No Penetration Contact set with Cantelevered Pin

Question asked by William Tytaneck on May 30, 2011
Latest reply on May 31, 2011 by William Tytaneck

I have a cantelevered load on a pin held with essentially two bushings that I am running in a static study.  There is a 1/32" gap between the Pin and the bushings. I have a symmetry mate to restrain the pin from rotating and have a reference geometry restraint on a vertex at the end of the pin to prevent axial motion. I have a "no penetration" contact set on the pin and the mating bushing. The bottom plate has a fixed restraint. Whenever I try to run this I get an "status code9 matrix_singular_or_indefinite". If a fix a face on the pin it will run with no errors but it won't be giving accurate accurate results as the pin doesn't displace as it naturally would. Any idea on how I can restrain this to make simulation happy but still allow accurate displacement?