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    Window position and focus

    Johan Pelmas


      I have a small but annoying problem. I use a dual monitor system where I´ve positioned SolidWorks on my first screen and EPDM on the second to simplify my workflow as I search and edit quite alot of drawings and parts during a day. The problem is that when I´m doing a status change the window that appears appears on the first screen and as i have about 13 other programs runing the status change window usually ends up behind a bunch of other windows. At the moment I solve this by an extra click in the epdm window which makes the window show.

      So my question is: Does anyone know if it´s possible to change where the window appears? I´ve looked through the epdm and windows settings but havent found a solution so far.

      Running Windows 7 x64, SolidWorks 2010 SP 5.0 and EPDM 10.3


      Any help is appreciated.

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          Ravi Teja

          Dear Johan,

                         I believe you are changing state from within solidworkd(Which i am yet to test).But if you havea dual monitor setup(Extended).When the change state window appears on first monitor,Simply drag the window to ur second monitor.from next time it will appear on the second monitor only.


          I am running:

          Windows XP

          EPDM 2011 SP2.0





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              Johan Pelmas

              Dear Ravi,


              Thank you for your awnser.

              The action is performed within EPDM, or more precisley in the search window. It doesnt matter wether i have SolidWorks running or not the window where i select which files are affected by the change of state pops up on the first screen anyway. I´ve tried to move it to teh second screen but it has no affect.