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    Part Number in EPDM

    Mukesh Prasad

      We just started to use SW EPDM and and instead of showing the number in the feature tree, I would like the tree to have the part name first and then the Number that is generated by EPDM after. Is there a way to do this? I am used looking for names insetad of number plus I can't remember all the part number. As you can see in the image our numbering sequence is set up to have an "A" preceding newly generated six digit P/N.

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          Ravi Teja

          Dear Mukesh,

                      Names in the Feature manager tree comes from file name .Do you have both Part Name and "6 digit pin in ur file nam?.

          If you have Part Name and also Part Number Store in a Data Card Variable,You can create a dipatch script to rename all the files in the vault to show Partname first and Part number following it.




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            Scott McFadden


            I am confused, are you letting EPDM automatically generate the part numbers for you?  I know it can do this.

            Because like Ravi said, the part file name is what shows up in the feature manager, not anything else.

            So I am not sure what EPDM as to do with your issue.

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                Mukesh Prasad

                Yes, EPDM is generating the part numbers and I also input a description of the part in the Name field of the data card. I'm not saying EPDM has an issue but just asking if there is any way to see the "Name" that I used in the name field first followed by the Part Number that was automatically generated by EPDM in my Feature Manager Tree in SW session.

                Also I'm not sure how to get the material that is assigned to the part in SW to show up in the data card. Any ideas?? Thanks for all your input.

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                    Scott McFadden

                    Ok, that make more sense.

                    I have very limited experience with EPDM.  But a lot with PDMW.  If all you are looking to do is show

                    the description of the part (which is what it sounds like you are talking about) if you RC on the part

                    name (one at the very top) of the feature manager select "Tree Display" and under there is where it

                    will allow you to pick the description to show up in the feature manager.

                    As far as the material in the data card, if it is like how it shows up in the Tab builder, create a custom

                    property called "Material" and the value column hit the down arrow and select "Material"  Then in the

                    in the tab builder you would create a text box and link it to the custom property "Material" and when you

                    edited your material in the part it will show up as the value in the custom property /tab builder.

                    Now that is how it works for the tab builder.  I use this as an example so maybe the same type

                    of operations will set it up in the data card.

                    Hope this helps you Mukesh.

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                      Ravi Teja

                      In addition to scott's suggestion ,add a variable called "Material" in file data card.and "Material"Variable must have "Block name"=Customproperty; "Attribute" = Material and "Filetype" = sldprt,slddrw