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Can my model be injection molded? Take a look

Question asked by Liam Ellis on May 28, 2011
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I am in my second year at university (BE Mechatronics) and we have been set an assignment to model a casing for a surface mount printed circuit board. We are expected to design the mold for the part so it can be inction molded (We will not physically create any parts however). I have no experience in design with regards to injection molding / flow design etc and before I go ahead and create my mold etc I am hoping someone can have a brief look at one of my parts (Attached below) to suggest any crucial changes or flaws that my design would encounter during the injection process.


Please ignore the lack of filleting on some edges, these will be filleted later when all geometry has been checked. I am really just looking fo any pointers with regards to the layout / general design. Also which direction would be suitable for the plastic to enter the mold?


I really have little idea about this process so any information would be greatly appreciated


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The 'Top' file attached is my piece in question, the other file is an assembly drawing