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Slow EPDM Performance - remote clients using Replicated Archivers

Question asked by Susan Weinheimer on May 28, 2011
Latest reply on Jan 16, 2013 by Greg Rupp

Since our Implementation of EPDM in 2008 Users connecting from  Remote Replicated Archivers have indicated  ‘slow performance of the PDM Vault’


The performance hardships are

Within Soliworks

File > New =

18-30seconds to present the dialog box to select  format/start parts which are stored in the EPDM Vault


File > SaveAs =

12-20 seconds to present the Diaglog box of Green vault folder, which the user can start browsing to the new save location


File > Save = 12-20 seconds (new model) to present the Dialog box of Green vault folder, which the user can start browsing to the new save location.


Slow transitions


Slow Folder Browsing in the Explorer Vault View


This issue has not gotten better or worse with various verions (Epdm 2008, 2009, 2010) of EDM or SQL in our 3 year history of this product.


My question Is whether this Normal/Accepted performance for clients using  Remote Archivers? Do customers using remote archivers experience these delays? We need to increase our performance to Clients using Remote Replicated Archivers


In the past our users have accepted the poor performance, in order to gain the benefits of PDM, however this in now no longer the case.


Our infrastructure is :

1  Dedicated Solidworks PDM SQL Server SQL2008 (Database) at Corporate Headquarters  (5-T1lines -EVPN fully meshed network)

10 Remote EPDM Archivers EPDM 2010 sp4 (there files are stored on the remote archiver) WAN connection to Remote Archivers are typically  T1 or 2-T1 circuits. SQL ports 1433/1433 are defined as COS3 with full burst as needed. All remote ARchivers connected to the SQL Server at Corporate Headquartes

The PDM Accounts are using the Windows Authentication

Significant PDM Security through PDM Groups is used


Current Version= EPDM 2010sp4 – 10 remote archivers

75 Solidworks users  with RW access to the Vault.

350 clients total (most View/print consumers)

SQL Server 2008 on a Windows 2003 Server Server  8GB memory

EVPN WAN connection  to Remote Archivers are T1 or 2-T1 , or E2 depending on the site size 5-T1’s at Corporate


We Have tickets open with Solidworks, it is confirmed that our SQL Server is NOT a bottleneck, no SQL  sizing, performance issues of concern. Our carrier has reviewed our WAN links for saturation. There general statement is, “If you see similar performance in off peak times, we would not consider it as a WAN circuit sizing issue”


We have Riverbed appliances in several locations, we do not see an increase in performance. We do Not have the ‘sql component’ enabled. Riverbed as indicated the SQL componet requires custom code and have mixed results in performance gain in SQL Traffic.



Each of the functions above must communicate with the SQL Server in order to produce the On Line (green) vault folders. Solidworks has indicated a small amount of latency will cause the performance we are seeing, however our performance does not improve marketable during low wan usage. As expected the EPDM Performance is acceptable locally to the EPDM SQL Database


Experiences from Users using Remote Replicated Archivers would be appreciated.