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.DWG from Customer for use as a drawing template

Question asked by Jeff Taylor on May 27, 2011
Latest reply on May 27, 2011 by Wayne Tiffany

We received a .dwg from our customer to use as the template for our drawing/detailing.


We need to do the following....


1. Use the supplied .dwg for the drawing template. (Customer expects all their drawings to be returned in .dwg format)


2. Customer is also expecting line weights, colors and levels to match their drawings. ie Layer 0, white, continuous line type, 0.020" line weight, Layer 31, green, hidden line type, 0.015" line weight and so on...


I need the inserted models from our 3d design to have the proper line weight, color and layer in our 2d drawings.


How can I make all this come together without changing the way we usually do things?