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Is DesignStar officially dead?....

Question asked by Stephen Elting on May 26, 2011
Latest reply on Jun 18, 2011 by Richard Hallman



I've kept my 2007 COSMOS DesignStar around for the occasional client that has only native CATIA files and they want FEA work done on them or to translate into something else.  It's been awhile since I last needed to do that but, it came up the other day.  Well, when I went to run it some odd happened.  It went from the DesignStar splash screen to the SolidWorks 2007 splash screen.  I'm thinking how can that be? The change from DesignStar to Simulation didn't happen until 2009. It then asked to activate a license.  I have a license file and USB dongle for this seat, so I'm a bit puzzled.  So, I continued with this and I didn't get very far before it crashed.  I'm in the process of getting hold of my VAR to see what he says.


I guess, I'll have to keep my seat of Alibre to translate CATIA files but, I'd rather spend the subscription money towards something else.


Any thoughts?