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Workgroup PDM does not run Small Business Server 2008   :(

Question asked by Matt Swan on May 26, 2011
Latest reply on May 27, 2011 by Scott McFadden

We've recently started up a new company, and purchased multiple Solidworks licences and planned to use WorkgroupPDM.  Unfortunately it does not appear to be compatible with MS Small Business Server 2008.  Ha anyone sorted out a workaround for this?

We expected that WPDM was intended for small business, as is SBS2008, and hence it should just work. 


We get the impression that we could host WPDM on one of the local desktop machines (Win 7 x64) and it would work, but that kind of defeats the purpose of our shiny new RAID server, which will be sitting there idle all day while one of the client machines does all the work, and we risk losing everything if that desktop machine has a problem!


Would we be better off upgrading our server from Small Business Server to a better one (whatever that is), or purchasing Enterprise PDM, which still may not work on SBS2008?


Any other suggestions???  (e.g set up a virtual Win 7 machine on the server or ask for a big discount on EnterprisePDM because the vendor told us porky pies / didn't know what they were doing?)