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Annoying line dithering

Question asked by David Lyndaker on May 25, 2011
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I've got an annoying phenomena going on. As I zoom both in and out, lines within the graphics display will vary between a nice crisp, fixed pixel width and what looks slightly out of focus or dithered.  This appears in drawings, parts, and assemblies and all types of lines; sketch, object, dims, etc.  My neighbor has exactly the same hardware, service pack, drivers, etc. and does not see this at all.  We've checked and changed video settings and swapped SW settings.  I consistantly exhibit it and he does not.  Logged in as a different user, still there.  I've got dual, non-matching displays and it appears on both (both set to native resolution).  The only clue I've got is that the problem disapears if I turn on Software OpenGL.  Attached are a couple images showing the lines in a couple states.  Each line in view will constantly go into and out of "focus" as I slowly zoom in and out.


Dell T3400

NVidia Quadro 3700

Win 7 x64

SW 2011 SP3.0