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Question asked by Jeremy Schmidt on May 25, 2011

Has anyone used the API to create a card view (IEdmCardView5 or 6 or 61 or 63) for a SolidWorks document?  I am using IEdmCardView63 and implementing IEdmCardViewCallback7 in VB .net Visual Studio 08 SolidWorks 2010 SP5 and EPDM 2010 SP5.  I am able to create the card view for all document types, but I am having issues that are specific to SolidWorks documents.  Could it have something to do with configurations?  Visibly, my variables are not populated in the card view and the configuration tabs are not displayed.  I think I can get by without the configuration tabs, but I need the existing variable metadata to be displayed on the card.  I don't think it's an issue with the GetCtrlData function, because the metadata is properly displayed for non-SolidWorks documents.  Also, I only have EdmCardViewCallbackMaskBits.Edmcvcm_CallSetModifiedFlag called in the GetMask function, so it isn't calling the GetCtrlData function.  I tried adding the flag to call this function and manually populate the variable fields on loading the card view.  I was able to get this test to work with non-SolidWorks files, but have the same issue with SolidWorks files.  Does anyone know what might be going on or is this a bug?