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Flex command deletes split (curve) faces in multi-surface part

Question asked by Michael Palumbo on May 24, 2011
Latest reply on Jun 7, 2011 by Michael Palumbo

I drew a fuselage section as a flat multi-body/surface part and used the flex command to get the correct radius.  This model is being sent into ABAQUS for analysis as a Parasolid (x-t).  To help aid in the placement of rivets once in ABAQUS I am using the split curve to create lines to seed my mesh with.  Rivets are placed at mesh vertices and with the split line + seed intervals I can force the mesh to have nodes in the correct locations.  I am able to create all the correct rivet lines on my flat part but once I use the flex command the surface becomes single faced.  I tried using the wrap command but haven't gotten it to work on anything other than the skin surface.  I've attached some screen shots of the model.  The third image appears to be multi-faced but it is not.... some kind of graphical error due to the close separation of the skin surface to the stringers and frame.  Thanks in advance.

- Mike