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Format of equation result in BOM

Question asked by David Cook on May 24, 2011
Latest reply on May 25, 2011 by David Cook

I'm using Solidworks 2010 SP  4


I'm drawing a bent pipe with 8 configurations.  The pipe is a structural member since I can get the length easily when working with single configurations.  The OD and pipe schedule does not change.  Only the bend angles, offset and lengths of pipe segments.  It is a single length of pipe in all configurations.


The problem comes in the part numbers and lengths.


If I use a weldment cut list, it only has one part number for all configurations.


If I use a BOM, I normally copy the weldment length property to the custom properties.  In the case of weldment configurations, only the length of the active configuration in the part file is used in all configuration drawings.


If I create an equation to calculate the length, and make a new custom property to display the value of the equation, it displays as a decimal value (in inches), not a fraction (in inches).


The actual question is this:


How do I use an equation to calculate a length and have it display as a fraction in the BOM?  Again, I'm using SW2010 sp4.


Thanks in advance.