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Setting up a Virtual Machine for EPDM Tasks

Question asked by Ricky Jordan on May 24, 2011
Latest reply on Apr 8, 2013 by Tim Read

Hi everyone,


I'm looking into setting up a virtual workstation on our internal company SAN to carry our EPDM conversion tasks.  We are already housing our Archive and Database Servers with this setup but I've never tried to setup a CAD workstation on it before.


The purpose of the virtual workstation would be a machine that is always online that can process Workflow generated Tasks in creating PDF and Neutral files once a document reaches a released state.  We are carrying these tasks out on the workstation that initiates the transition currently.


I'm curious to hear if anyone has attempted to do this with any success.  Some of my immediate concerns would be the graphics capabilities of the workstation, whether or not I can leave it logged on at all times, and how well the virtual machine will perform overall.


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Ricky Jordan

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Dynetics, Inc.

Huntsville, AL