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Dropdown - Multiple selections

Question asked by Jason Capriotti on May 23, 2011
Latest reply on Jul 7, 2017 by Wayne Matus

I'm in the middle of implmenting our ECO process into Enterprise and one issue I'm having trouble with is multiple selections. The Access database I'm attempting to replace has a form for the ECO that I'm trying to replicate in ePDM. It has a field on the ECO form for "Products affected". It's a dropdown list but you can select multiple items from the list. I don't see an such option on the card editor.


I thought about checkboxes but I don't want to add each item individudally to the form as the list changes. Also each checkbox would have to have its own variable. I looked in the Access database table to see what happens when more than one is selected and they are listed in the field separated by semi-colons.