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    How do I control the filenames during STEP import?

    Steven Boege

      When I import a STEP file, SolidWorks creates a large number of .sldprt files.  That is fine, but I would like to control the common part of the filename for the files that are created.  Right now, I get product-name_1.sldprt, product-name_2.sldprt, product-name_3.sldprt, et cetera.  How can I have SolidWorks instead create mystring_1.sldprt, mystring_2.sldprt, mystring_3.sldprt, et cetera?

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          Deepak Gupta

          Welcome to SW forums Steven


          Seems like you're importing a step assembly file. The best way will be to use pack and go and use replace function to quickly rename them.


          1. Import the step file as you're already doing.
          2. While in imported assembly, click on File > Pack and Go
          3. In Pack and Go window, click on Select/Replace
          4. Now using replace option, change product-name to mystring
          5. Save your files and done.


          The other way might be to use a macro that will import the files and at the save time save them with mystring in the file name.


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