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Problems routing a pattern containing routing parts...

Question asked by David Demaria on May 21, 2011
Latest reply on May 27, 2011 by David Demaria

Hoping someone can offer a definitive answer on whether I've found a limitation in the routing package or just a bug...


The assembly shown below is basically the purple sub-assembly patterned to 3x instances. Each of these sub-a-ssemblies contains 6x pneumatic fittings. I've found in this and other recent assemblies attempted that only the initial routing sequence can be completed. All subsequent connections fail to generate the solids that represent the tubes themselves. This is shown in the assembly by the 3x connecting splines between the red and green manifold sub assemblies. All connections go semmlessly but the software fails to create the tubing features. It seems the only way to acieve this is to insert the routing fittings directly into the top level assembly. This is a major PITA when dealing with much more complex arrays of sub assemblies.


SW2010 files attached


Any Ideas ?