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PhotoView Friday - Episode #3 - 05/20/2011

Discussion created by Ron Bates on May 20, 2011
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Apologies for the long delay since the last posting.  I really do try to get these up as often as I can.  And my mic input on my desktop is still out of commission so I'm still recording via my laptop mic.  Quality may not be great...


Anyway, this week I wanted to try and finish off a few points about backgrounds/environments and cameras.


EDIT - As I proof-viewed/listened to the video, it occured to me I should probably not skip the most basic concept of what the difference is between what I call an "environment background" VS a "background image" or "backplate".  So I added a 2nd "preface" video which you should arguably watch first, but if you watch after that's all good too.


So as I mention near the end of the main video, I kind of feel like heading into some animation stuff next.  That was requested by a few people after my first posting so unless there's loud shouting about another topic, i'll probably go that direction.


Enjoy.  And have a great weekend everybody!