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Replacing a Microsoft Office 2003 file with Office 2007 in the Vault

Question asked by Jeff Little on May 20, 2011
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We currently have Office 2003 documents checked into our vault with revision history, properties and such which we would like to keep.  We are now using Office 2007 which uses the new file format, .docx instead of .doc. The filename in the vault is currently <example>.doc and when we try to upload the new document it thinks that it is a brand new file due to the .docx extension. When you try to rename the file in the vault it does not let you change anything with the file extension.


So.... how do we keep the history of the old .doc file while saving it in the new .docx format?


I know we could just add the new .docx as an attachment to the existing .doc file or just continue to save in the .doc format in Office 2007. Just wondering if there is a better solution.