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Mate references in redefine

Question asked by Carl Santavicca on May 20, 2011
Latest reply on May 20, 2011 by Carl Santavicca


Former Proe user learning SW.

I'm trying to redefine a part in an assembly. I guess by design, all mate references associated with the part are shown. I would only like to see the references that fix this part. I do not want to remove any references that were created after this part was assembled.

In Proe, all of the parts assembled after the part I want to redefine go away. That way only the references associated with this part show.


Sure, I can look at the model tree and try to find names after this part. However, when there are quite a few parts in the assembly. It's hard to find the right references. I tried hiding all of the parts assembled after this part first and than went into the mate. This didn't work as the mate was all grey and locked.


Any suggestions are appreciated.