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    eDrawings font rendering

    Michael Johnson

      We have a set of drawings with a common statement inside the title block.  The text looks fine with SW, but in eDrawings the text is mashed together and almost un-readable.  Anyone encounter this before, or find a fix?


      Thanks for the help.

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          Deepak Gupta

          Welcome to SW forums Michael


          Never encountered this problem. Does it happen with all files? Can you paste those information as a picture or text block and check. Also can you put up a screen shot of how they appear in SW drawing and eDrawings. And one sample of each to test.



          Also read this post for your future reference: Forum Posting

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            John Summers

            Are the notes in your titleblock blocked or contain unusual text formatting?  I have noticed strange behavior with eDrawings from SW drawings containing blocks - they tend to flip, move, invert, etc.  It seems that eDrawings doesn't recognize the proper applied text formatting (justiification, fit, revolve, etc) when a block is created. 


            Just a thought...

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              Ravi Teja

              Hi Michael,

                            Does that text in ur title block contains Bullets or ordered lists or "Plus or minus" symbols or "Degree symbols" or nething other than Alphabets??..............I suggest you type those thing in a WORD document and paste them in ur title block..and see if the issue still persists

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                Michael Johnson

                Thanks for the tips.  I'll pass them along to our drafter.


                I  have attached a .jpg showing the compressed text as seen in eDrawings.  (Note: the "broken glass" areas in the graphic are used to filter  information, not part of my problem).


                I appreciate the help!

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                  Joseph Rinek

                  Not sure if this is directly related to what you are experiencing, but in newer versions of eDrawings, either 2013 or 2014 I believe, if your Windows system font is scaled larger than the default for that specific windows display resolution, eDrawings seems to upsize the font accordingly. The only workaround I have found is to have my Windows system font set at the default size for my screen resolution. For example, my Windows 7 font is set at "smaller (100%)". If it was set at "medium (125%)", eDrawings upscaled the font in all of my drawings. Solidworks knows about the problem, but they have said there will be no fix since there is a workaround. They also said another fix was to save every drawing file as an eDrawings file as well which seems completely impractical. As amazing as it is, Solidworks truly took over Windows, and forces you to use a certain font or you can't use their program.

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                    Bryce Gill

                    Digging up an old topic here, but the question is still flagged as unanswered and I have been unable to find a satisfactory response to the problem anywhere.


                    To be specific, the problem is:


                    When the Windows font size is set to anything but the default (100%) scaling, eDrawings scales the size of lettering in annotations in SolidWorks drawings. See below screenshot comparison for the change that occurs. The "correct" font screen capture is from eDrawings with Windows font scaling set to 100%; the "incorrect" capture is from the same document with no changes made except resizing the Windows font up to 125%.







                    I am using Windows 7 x64 and eDrawings 2014 x64.



                    This error occurs both in the native eDrawings interface and in an embedded eModelViewControl window, and the incorrect font scaling carries to printed copies as well as the onscreen view.


                    So, has anyone come up with a solution to this problem? Is there a fix inbound? Is there any way to deal with this aside from telling my users that they have to re-size their windows font?

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                      Jim Gaffney

                      Have known of this issue for some time.  Interested in the fix.  Same look as what Bryce Gill  posted in his pics