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Enterprise (EPDM)Replication experiences between US and Asia

Question asked by Shawn Kelly on May 19, 2011

For all that might be interested or entertain the idea of sharing.  I am looking to analyze what the better part of the EPDM customers are doing in regards to replication between US and ASIA.


Generally speaking with Korea, China, Japen, etc...  the time difference is 12-14 hours depending on daylight savings time.  Granted a large part of what some folks may be reasonable may have to do with is the pipeline/bandwidth between sites.


However, maybe we can discuss a few items.


  1. Time frames?  What is reasonable considering that in a 24 hour day on of the sites is in a primary part of the work day.
  2. Replication options? Opinions regarding latest version only, revisions, amount of time to let replication run, etc...
  3. Disaster recovery scenarios? If both sites need to share workflows, datacards, etc, but not necessarily all files what is the harms or advantages to leaving some files on independent archive servers vs. ensuring at least one (primary host) has all the files...
  4. Implications to cold storage?
  5. Use of SANs/NAS?  Certainly SW will say it's not supported, but sure some are using them...
  6. Anything else that comes to mind???



Thank you,