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Admin Image created for SW 2011 SP3 internet explorer popup settings

Question asked by Jerry Johnson on May 19, 2011
Latest reply on May 23, 2011 by Mark Athey

I have created an admin image for users to install SW 2011 SP3 (32-64 bit OS) but when running the StartSWInstall.hta at the same level 32-64ScreenShot001.jpg

I can not get the internet explorer popup settings to clear even when I have done every thing indicated in the instructions.  If I navigate into the 64Bit directory and select StartSWInstall.hta at this level SW installs without any issues with the internet popup.    Looking at the 2 start installs the big difference I see is the first on checks for the "OS" and installs accordingly to which OS your PC is and the other assumes you know you are installing on the correct "OS".