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Rounding- removing zeros

Question asked by Caitlin McCarthy on May 18, 2011
Latest reply on May 18, 2011 by Kenneth Barrentine

I’m working on a drawing and can’t figure out how to get sw to stop removing empty values.  I need stuff like 240.00 or 57.0 and it’s changing them to 240 and 57.  Tolerances like +0.03 / -0.00 are changed to +0.03 / 0, getting rid of the “-” as well as decimals.  My Options > Doc Props > Units > Decimals are all set to .12 and I’ve tried to change individual values with the PropertyManager > Tolerance/Precision > Unit Precision and Tolerance Precisions but solidWorks is still getting rid of the zero decimals.  What am I missing??


I’ve got a real bush league fix by adding the “.0” after <dim> in the Dimension Text box but that is lame and I don’t know how to write that in for the tolerance value issue.