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Promoted parts not showing up on BOM

Question asked by Greg Welch on May 18, 2011
Latest reply on May 19, 2011 by Greg Welch

I'm having a problem with promoted parts not showing up on the BOM.  The BOM is a top level only type.  The same promoted parts show up fine on other BOM's.  Here's a little history in case it matters:


I have to assemblies, A and B, that are very similar and share most of the same components.  I completed the assembly drawing for A and saved it under two different names, A and B.  I then went into SolidWorks Explorer, opened up drawing B and replaced assembly A with assembly B.  I opened up drawing B, updated it, and noticed that the promoted parts in a particular subassembly no longer appeared in the BOM.  I tried deleting the existing BOM and recreating it, but it didn't help.  Any suggestions?  I'm running version 2010 x64 edition, SP5,0.