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Automatic Transitions Clobbering Comments

Question asked by Jim Sculley on May 17, 2011
Latest reply on May 18, 2011 by Jim Sculley

I have a somewhat complicated workflow includingt workflow links and automatic transitions.  I am finding that my initial transition comment is beuing set to "State changed by automatic transition."  I cannot figure out unders what circumstances this happens.  I have other automatic transitions where the comment is left alone.  A typical file histor5y looks like this:


Revision: 0 5
Transition from 'Approval Pending' to   'Approved'5State changed by automatic transition.
Checked in5
Checked in4
Transition from 'Release Pending' to   'Approval Pending'3State changed by automatic transition.
Transition from 'Assigning Oracle   Number' to 'Release Pending'3State changed by automatic transition.
Renamed from 'Draw1.SLDDRW'

Moved from   'C:\_EPDM\Engineering\Projects\123456-TEST PROJECT\4. Mechanical WIP' to   'C:\_EPDM\Engineering\Oracle\499xxx'

Transition from 'Release Pending' to   'Assigning Oracle Number'2INITIAL RELEASE
Checked in2
Transition from 'CAD Work In Progress'   to 'Release Pending'1INITIAL RELEASE
Initial transition to 'CAD Work In   Progress'1State changed by automatic transition.



As you can see, on the automatic transiton from 'Assigning Oracle Number' to  'Release Pending', the comment is clobbered.  However, a previous automatic transition ('Release Pending' to 'Assigning Oracle Number') leaves the comment alone.


Does anyone know the conditions under which the comment gets replaced?  I have been trying to duplicate the problem with a simple test workflow, but have not been able to recreate the issue.


Jim S.