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    Drawings & Parts

    Mark Lulling

      I am new to Solidworks and having some issues with figuring out how to make an existing drawing/part ....duplicated to a new drawing/part.


      I think I am doing this wrong. I pull the existing drawing and part onto screen then SAVE, select SAVE A CAOPY box, and give it a new name

      and revision. But when I go to that new duplicated drawing, the old part shows up in the model tree.


      Is there a process to duplicate the drawing and part under a NEW number and have the new part number show up in the new drawing so

      I can start the revising of the part to reflect into my drawing.



      hope this is clear on my explanation.



      Thanks for any advice


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          vivek puthussery



          you can try pack and go. there you can add prefix or sufix to the original name


          in files you will get pack and go, and you can select the drawings also along with it

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            Wayne Tiffany

            Save the current drawing so you know you have it.  Then do your save as copy.  Then go to the File/Open dialog and single click the new drawing, then click the References button at the bottom.  This will open a dialog that will let you change the model that is referenced in that drawing when you open it.  Save and it's done.


            Another option is if the new model for the new drawing is the same model as the old one only you plan to modify it, then save the orginal drawing about three times so you know for darn sure that you did save it with all intended changes.  Ok, it's saved?  Now, go to the model and do a save as, not a save as copy.  This will save the model as the new part and also change the reference to the drawing.  At this point it's still the old drawing, but then do a save as on the drawing to the new name.  Then at that point, you have the new drawing with the new model.


            If the new model can be a different config of the old model, then save your drawing as a copy, open that new drawing, and change the config that each view references.



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              Robert Peek


              The easiest and most reliable way is to save your existing part and drawing and then use SW 'pack and go' command from windows explorer.

              Enter your new file names there and choose the location of the files in the relevant boxes.