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Master BOM/Multiple BOM's on single sheet ?

Question asked by Tim Dougherty on May 17, 2011
Latest reply on May 17, 2011 by Scott McFadden

I would appreciate some help with a work-around on this one please.  We're using 2010 SP5.


We have our assemblies -tab'd or sorted with a numeric code.  -100 through -900 for example.

The highest number (-900) being our "shipping assembly" or final product ready to ship. That assembly might have typically 6 or 8 items consisting of packaged assemblies, shipping carton and shipping labels.  Subsequent assemblies and subassemblies flow on down from there and are not very large BOM's


When I try to make a master BOM with multiple assemblies and tables on a single sheet, every BOM placed after the first one gets named after the first one and not it's correct number/header.


For example.  I place my -900 shipping assembly at top. We'll call it SA-900.  After that I place my packaged product assembly, or PA-800. When I highlight the PA-800 view and place it's BOM table, it gets a header of SA-900.  I need it to have  it's correct header of PA-800.   Of course this does not occur if I place it on a subsequent sheet.


Is this a bug of some kind ?  Does anyone know of a parametric work around so I do not have to manually edit my BOM headers ?


Thanks in advance !