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Quadro 4000 - graphics driver fails, then all hell breaks loose....

Question asked by Stephen Elting on May 15, 2011
Latest reply on Aug 1, 2012 by Jeff Holliday



I was really excited about getting a "big boys" graphics card, the Quadro 4000 and was happy for about a couple of days.  Then comes the sudden blank screen, a flash, blank and then the message "your graphics driver has stopped working....".  Once the screen comes back on I see SW has crashed and then the workstation reboots and freeses before getting to Windows.


After four different Nvidia drivers I've given up on this card and put back the Quadro FX 570.


Has anyone had these issues?  Any thoughts?






One thing that I should have seen but didn't was on the SW graphics card site, the Quadro 4000 card was not tested on Vista, so there is no SW approved driver.  Its only approved for Win7 and I'm running Vista Ult. 64 bit.  I'm kicking myself for not seeing that sooner.