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Offset surface to create another part

Question asked by robert dattilo on May 13, 2011
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       It's been a while since I've worked with surfacing much, but when I worked with Mech. Desk., you can just drag a part into your file, and then off set that

whole surface area of the part, to create a block, which contained that complex surface offset at 3 mm. This would allow a 3mm go, no go feeler to go all around the surface no matter what is was quite easily. My question is in the world of SW, what's the best way to attempt to do that same thing. If I start with the part and do a save as copy, then after offsetting the surface, you can't delete or surpress the previous features w/o losing the new needed geometry. Any suggestions from anyone that's worked with this sort of thing.


Thks in advance for all input:

Rob_D SW 10 sp 4.4