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Stop auto positioning my dimensions!

Question asked by Ryan Tosto on May 13, 2011
Latest reply on Sep 5, 2019 by Jack John Frahm

I have a problem with SolidWorks auto positioning my drawing dimensions.  I need to fix the dimension text where I put it, so that when I switch to a different part configuration it doesn't move.  I posted two screens shots of what's happening. How do I permenantly fix the dimension's position on a sheet?  It's driving me nuts.


The reason I need them fixed and can't manually change the text position is that I run a macro that automatically generates drawings and PDFs for all of my configurations.  I need to create over 70 drawings of different configs and can't be fiddling with dimensions for each config.

Config 1 - Good SolidWorks:Configuration 1 - Good.png


Config 2 - Bad SolidWorks:Configuration 2 - Bad.png