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Solidworks 2010 lagging a bit

Question asked by Kyle Kolb on May 13, 2011
Latest reply on May 13, 2011 by Kyle Kolb

Ever since i've loaded sw 2010 on my 64bit laptop with win7 i've had performance issues. about every few minutes while using sw and no other programs open, the busy icon will come on for a couple seconds and then go away. this happens randomly and most if the time i'm not doing any thing other than dragging the mouse across the screen. i've never had this problem before and i dont have this problem on my desktop at work either or my old laptop running xp, only my new laptop. also my coworker has the same problem on his laptop which is almost a clone of my laptop. any body have ideas what to look for? dell m6500 windows 7 64bit core i7 m640 2.80 8gb ram quadrofx 2800