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I'm running into a problem with the way that SolidWorks stores the file path information with regards to external equation files

Question asked by Mark O'Bryan on May 12, 2011

  >Currently SW stores the fully qualified file name for the external equation file and the only way to that I know to set this value is via the import equations dialog box where the fully qualified path is automatically added to the fle selection.

The solution to my problem is to learn of  a way to specify a relative path Or no path for the external file equation. That way no matter where I place my copies of files are stored of my parts/assemblies end up in my directory structure, the will be forced to use my local copy of the equation file and not retrieve the equation file from elsewhere.

such as the original directory location. Barring this functionality it would be great to have a way to change the stored directory file path without having to open every part and assembly drawing file in a directory and then  select the new external equation file and then resave  the part/assembly.
If any has any idea as to how to achieve this, it would be greatly appreciated.