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    I have no right click menu?

    Eric Ucci

      In order to browse to the vault from within solidworks I can click on the "file" , "open" cammand.  Up pops windows explorer (with a little sw icon in upper left corner) and I can right click on a file to "open" or whatever else I'd like to do from the menu.  However, when I browse to the vault by opening windows explorer outside of solidworks I cannot right click and get a menu.  Right click works fine with all orther apps.  I tried a couple other mice and had same result. Any ideas?


      thank you in advance for any assistance

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          Wayne Matus

          EPDM removed most of the right mouse menu item in Windows Explorer in  Enterprise PDM 2011. You have to use the pull down menus to get to the commands.

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              Eric Ucci


              We just discovered the problem.  We use a 3 monitor setup here. If I have explorer docked in my left hand screen and browse to the vault, my right click menu opens in the far right side of the right hand screen.  I couldn't tell it was happening because the menu was popping up under another opened app.  This behavior only occurs when the explorer window is opened on the left screen and only happens once ive browsed to and logged into the vault.  If I browse to any other file location, everything behaves normally.  What is even more surprising is that we checked on a different workstation and it exibited the same behavior.  Well I guess I can say problem solved! I'll make sure that I no longer vault browse on my left screen LOL

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                  Mike Sveda

                  Yup, EPDM is not good at multi-monitor setups.  I keep Solidworks on my left screen and EPDM on the right.

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                    Scott McFadden


                    You have a 3 monitor setup?  Wow, I know some have enough issues with 2.

                    How is 3 working for you?  Just curious, how big are they?

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                      Bill Stadler

                      Do you still have the issue with the explorer pdm right click showing up on the main monitor?  I am seeing this in SW2012 SP4, Enterprise PDM 2012 SP4.  The problem with my setup is my main screen is a small laptop screen so I move most apps to my larger screen.  I cant' us my larger screen as my manin monitor because I take my laptop home each night which cause issue with the location of your desktop icons when I redock in the morning.


                      Anybody else find a solution for the right click problem? 



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                          Bill Stadler

                          Found this in the KB.  The problem with the workaround is now you have to drag drag you mouse the opposite direction to get to your other monitor.  I am going to swith the screens as well which will fix the issue.


                          SPR #:



                          Enterprise PDM



                          Fixed in:

                          none none


                          Enterprise PDM


                          EntPDM Windows Explorer Integration

                          Customer Impact:



                          Right mouse click context menu shows up on the wrong monitor / screen in a dual monitor setup


                          Any enterprise explorer window that is open on the second in this case the left monitor in a dual monitor setup wouldn display the right click context menu appropriately. It would actually send the right click menu to the other primary in this case right monitor. This is an annoyance but was still functional. Apparently if you have the second monitor on the LEFT of the primary, enterprise or windows gets confused and sends the right click menus to the incorrect monitor. To fix this, you just need to reposition the monitors in windows (make the left the right and the right the left ( NOT physically just in windows) and everything works fine again.

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                              Eric Ucci

                              Yes, we still have this same problem in 2012 sp4.

                              That work around you posted doesn't make much sense considering that your mouse will no longer drag correctly from one screen to the next if you swap screens on windows but do not physically swap them. I'd rather have a screwy right click menu than a mouse pointer that doesn't drag properly.

                              If I were you, I'd get used to setting your monitors in windows at work (so that the large screen in the primary) and then be sure to change the primary back to your laptop before you disconnect and go home.

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                                  Magnus Hammar

                                  I just installed PDM 2013 and thought that this embarrassment would be fixed only to be disappointed.  This is really a year 2003 problem not a 2013 problem. It can't be that hard to fix!


                                  The workaround with changing primary monitor does not solve anything I will explain why.


                                  The context menus always appear on the primary monitor. Either I have Solidworks on the primary monitor and the explorer on the secondary, or vice versa. Regardless of what i choose, PDM context menus will inevitably end up on the wrong monitor, either the explorer ones or the Solidworks ones.