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Quadro 4000 certified driver - openGL freeze

Question asked by Dominik Kirschner on May 12, 2011
Latest reply on Mar 29, 2012 by Rod Peterson


experiences with driver: (certified for DELL T3500)

I noticed that SolidWorks 2011 (Windows 7 x64) freezes the openGL area.

there is only a small area that continues the open GL rendering.

I noticed that pop-up windows (short-cut bar) or quick-info-windows or context-menus are influencing that behaviour. - so I disabled all graphical windows features (expect the aero interface - that is required for some videcard-drive related features) and then the whole behaviour became better, but there are still some windows/head-up areas destroying my open GL window.


the only workaround i've found:
i have to click on the open-gl-background or do a rebuild or something else that rebuilds the open-gl renderer.


experiences with driver:

It seems so far that the behaviour described above is much better but I noticed some loss in performance. the Solidworks Benchmark says: Graphical Performance: 37,2 sec (Processor: 115,6 sec / I/O: 92,5 sec / rendering: 38,8) its the 3,07 GHz CPU (xeon W3550)


Is there another preferred videocard driverr for the quadro 4000?


kind regards