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    Updating a List from SQL server

    Ron McCarry

      I have a number of list coming though a linked server from a MDB file set to "Periodic refresch every' 5 minutes. It does not update the list for use by the cards. The test button works. If I change the query and save, the cards get the updated information. How do I get Periodic refresh to work? I am testing using the EPDM admin account.

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          Tor Iveroth

          Hi Ron,

          SQL lists are updated by the Enterprise PDM database server service - so if the periodic refresh is not working, then its likely the service that is not running as it should.  I'd recommend going through the troubleshooting steps in KB solution S-08226.  If it still is not working, contact your VAR for help.


          -Tor, EPDM support

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              Ron McCarry

              I went though the troubleshooting guided from S-08226, this is what I found

              Note I am using EPDM 2011, The MDB file is on a domain server.


              PDMWorks Enterpise Database Server is not installed but Solidworks Enterprise PDM Database Server is started. I suspect it is a replacement. It's Login is Local System; to get the linked server to work, I had to set SQL server to use a domain login.


              I found 2 errors,

              1st in the ConisioArchiveServerLog


              Could not receive data from (Windows Sockets Error# 10054. Connection reset by peer.)

              150 is the workstation I am using to test


              2nd in Application under SQL logs

              Faulting Application Conisiodbserver.exe Version, Time stamp 0x4d376267, Faulting module MSUCR80.DLL


              [HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\SolidWorks\Applications\PDMWorks Enterprise\MailService]

              USER is sa, should it be sa.DOMAIN?


              I enable logging, this is what I got


              **** Opened ****
              Reading settings
              Verifying connection
              Getting dbs from server