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Finding relations in a Sketch

Question asked by Graeme Edwards on May 11, 2011
Latest reply on Nov 23, 2015 by Marc Kreidler

Hi all, I'm having a bit of trouble modifying an existing model and would like some help with sketching.


Background: This model is fairly complicated, and is a top down design. I've changed the design a couple of times now to allow for new requirements and am working through the latest change by changing the layout sketches at the top level, and working down through the model structure and updateing sketches that are driven from the layout sketches. (These are just 2D sketches on planes , not the Layout feature)


The problem I'm having , is one sketch is giving me an error of "unable to offset one or more sketch entities" when I mouse over the sketch in the feature tree, but when I open the sketch to fix the problem, there are no out of context or unsolvable yellow or red highlighted elements, and when I use the "display/delete relations" inspector, it doesnt show any problems. But still the error persists. How can I find the problem? Any suggestions? I would prefer not to have to delete the sketch and re do it, because that will cause problems down the tree with features that reference this sketch, I've found it's much better to just fix relations and keep th esketch elements as musch as possible.


Thanks in advance for helpful suggestions or insights