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    Finding relations in a Sketch

    Graeme Edwards

      Hi all, I'm having a bit of trouble modifying an existing model and would like some help with sketching.


      Background: This model is fairly complicated, and is a top down design. I've changed the design a couple of times now to allow for new requirements and am working through the latest change by changing the layout sketches at the top level, and working down through the model structure and updateing sketches that are driven from the layout sketches. (These are just 2D sketches on planes , not the Layout feature)


      The problem I'm having , is one sketch is giving me an error of "unable to offset one or more sketch entities" when I mouse over the sketch in the feature tree, but when I open the sketch to fix the problem, there are no out of context or unsolvable yellow or red highlighted elements, and when I use the "display/delete relations" inspector, it doesnt show any problems. But still the error persists. How can I find the problem? Any suggestions? I would prefer not to have to delete the sketch and re do it, because that will cause problems down the tree with features that reference this sketch, I've found it's much better to just fix relations and keep th esketch elements as musch as possible.


      Thanks in advance for helpful suggestions or insights



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          Scott McFadden

          Hi Graeme,

          You said this was a top down.  That means there are or were external references.

          Are you deleting those?  Or are you keeping them as not to disrupt this assembly too


          I am a little confused as to what mode you are in when you are editing this sketch.

          Are you in the assembly editing this part and this this sketch, or did you call up the

          part independantly and then edit it.  Either way I am wondering if there is an external

          reference that is hidden that you are not seeing.  In this part RC on it in the feature

          manager and select display external references.  Then look at the list to see if there

          are any and if there are broken or dangling ones.  Also when you are in the sketch

          look in the toolbar for a command called "Display/Delete Relations" it looks like an

          inverted "T" with a pair of glasses over it.  See if there are any there as well.

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              Graeme Edwards

              Hi Scott, thanks for the reply.

              Yes it's a top down, so there are external references that I don't want to break.

              I'm editing the part file from within the overall assembly file.


              ok I RC on the sketch in the feature tree and listed external references, There where many as I expected, because this sketch is basically a copy of one higher up in the tree, but none are broken or dangling.


              I already used the "display/delete relations" in the sketch and it doesn't show any problems either.


              What I'm really after is a way of searching within the sketch for an offset command that's failed I think. I would have thought the Display /Delete Relations" inspector would have done that , but apparently not.


              Any other suggestions?

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                  Scott McFadden

                  I understand the need to keep the external references.

                  When you say "offset command that failed" you are saying that entities got offset

                  with possible tangent progagation turned on that lost their either the offset distance

                  dimension or reference from start.

                  I wonder if this error is tied to an external reference, if that reference is from a missing model.

                  Can you post any images of this sketch?

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                    Mike Price

                    Hi Graeme,


                    I ran into something like this a while ago.  Try to zoom to fit and see if there is anything way out in space with a bad constraint icon.  I was not able to see anything in the Display/Delete Relations list that wasn't good, but upon zooming to fit, there was something hanging out in space that I was able to select and delete.  This obviously should have been picked up on the Relations list, but there must be a bug there.



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                        Graeme Edwards

                        Ok, well I  took a long weekend and came back this morning to find when I opened it all up that the problem had gone away.

                        Obviously the act of closing the file with the subsequent rebuild & save done 3 times since I noticed this has ironed out the wrinkle in the model.

                        or maybe the long weekend camping helped.

                        I'm not sure now, whether there was a bug in the software, not showing the bad relation , or listing a non existant problem , or if it was the same old rebuild not actually rebuilding completely problem i've seen before. Maybe in future I'll just close and reopen a problem file 3 times.


                        Thanks for all help & suggestions


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                    James Dillner

                    I just started using SW 2012 recently, and this has been driving me crazy.  I never had this problem before in 2010.  I found out that I had sketch lines on top of sketch lines, and the ones on top did not show as brown, but rather showed as black and good.  If I would select short line segments by picking a box around them, then I would see that there was more than one line, and that the relations on one of them was bad...shown by the color.


                    I don't know why this is happening in 2012, but it's really a pain to have to find a sketch segment that is hidden and has a problem that is ALSO HIDDEN!

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                      Joe Beal

                      I had this problem, but thankfully only had one offset. I simply deleted and remade the same offset and it fixed the issue. Seems like a bug, and evidently one that has persisted up to 2014.

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                        Marc Kreidler

                        I was able to brute force a solution for this.

                        On a raised lip around the perimeter of an injection molded part,  some sections had this exact problem "unable to offset one or more entities" .

                        Luckily the geometry was not  a spline. I went in to each piece of the offset line and deleted the OFFSET relationship, or the PARALLEL relationship as well as the distance dimension.

                        I simple drew Horizontal and Vertical center lines from a handy reference point and dimensioned each piece of the sketch the usual way, instead of by offset. the whole sketch is now unrelated to the  originally offset feature, and it builds perfectly.