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    display states in edrawings not working?

    Chad Schmidt

      Anyone noticing that display states in edrawings are not working correctly?   When I change the display states in the e-drawing they don't match the display states that I made in the assembly.  I'm using SW2011 SP3

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          David Edgerley

          Yes, display states don't work for me in edrawings either, whether they are linked or not. They show up in the various configs, but nothing happens when you change between them. I haven't tried sp4 yet because the sworks background loader for software updates has gone screwy on one machine (just registers an error message) and, on the other, upgraded the sworks software to sp4 but failed to upgrade edrawings, so that's on sp3 still and I've had no time to sort it out. So display states may be working on sp4, but probably not, and I wish the background loader and updating set up was better as my experience so far of it as supplied and installed with Sworks 2011 is a 100% failure rate, plus mucking up an existing installation. Not great.

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              Jeff Cox

              Even though the last post to this thread was in 2011 I'm adding to it.  Display States still do not work for the most part.  Sometimes they will match the SolidWorks display states  but most of the time they do not.  Also the property manager for display states does not show them in the same order of the corresponding SolidWorks file.  We been trying to use eDrawings for step by step assembly instructions and without the display states working.....

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              Keith Rice

              The year is 2018 and this issue still appears to be alive and well. Disappointing. On the left I have highlighted components in SWX that don't show in the eDrawings.




              What I have found is this: whatever display state is active whenever the edrawing is exported will be correct. Therefore if you have an assembly with two display states you might need to export an edrawing for each display state.



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                Bas Vandeursen

                I have found a workaround that works for me. As Keith stated, it is dependent on the active display state. Since Solidworks exports each configuration sequentially, every 'active' display state in each configuration will be correctly exported. So linking display states to configurations and using only 1 display state per configuration ensures that every display state will be correctly exported.


                While this still isn't the ideal situation, since I have to create all these configuration that I don't use, it's sufficient for my current needs.