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    Applying dimensions to conic sections.

    Robert Jost

      Hi Everyone,


      I’m currently doing some research on conics and wanted to ask the experts a question.  This topic has been briefly mentioned over the past couple years, however some time has passed and I would like to create a dedicated thread for it.  How would you go about dimensioning a conic curve for manufacture?  I realize that it may depend on the process of manufacture.


      For instance, if you’re creating a drawing of a model for machining, how would you dimension a conic curve in the drawing? Would the dimensions you show be any different if the part was created by a different process?  Would showing the conic factor (Rho value) be enough, or would you dimension to reference points along the curve?  How about any dimensions related to the chord, focus, or apex of the curve?


      All input is welcome and I look forward to your feedback.