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    matlab  solidwork

    Alexander Diaz

      como  utililizo interprete solidwork  2011 matlab 2011

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          Scott McFadden

          Hi Alexander,

          Welcome to the forum.

          What exactly are you asking?  I am not understand your statement.

          Does matlab work with Solidworks?

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              Filipe Venceslau

              LOL, no disrespect to OP, but I think even he doesn't know what he's asking. Where did he get the tags 3d and xml from, when asking about matlab and solidworks?! I understand spanish fairly well, and can't make anything out of his statement....

              Sorry Alexander, you will have to try and explain again, preferably in english.


              Edit: Translated to the letter: How do I use... interprete solidwork  2011 matlab 2011

              Unless interprete is some software...or maybe he's trying to say...how to tie matlab and solidworks together...I don't know..it just doesn't make sense..lol



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              Fabricio Leinat

              Olá Alexander!

              Neste forum o melhor é que comunique-se em inglês, principalmente a respeito de API há poucas resposta em português.


              Estou a algum tempo tentando esta interação entre o SW e Matlab. Porém sem muito sucesso. As APIs do SolidWorks são abertas, em teoria você poderia manipular utlizando o Matlab da mesma forma que a linguagem C, mas não achei tão simples. Oq estou fazendo é criar oq preciso no Matlab e posteriormente gerar uma DLL, esta DLL importo no VB e este por sua vez manipula o SolidWorks, não é muito prático porém foi a unica forma que encontrei no momento. Caso encontre uma melhor solução por favor poste aqui no forum.

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                  John Burrill

                  Fabricio's post as digested by Google Translate:

                  This forum is best to communicate in English, mostly about the API there is little response in Portuguese. 

                  I'm trying for some time that interaction between the SW and Matlab. But without much success. SolidWorks  APIs are open in theory you could manipulate the Matlab using and  enjoying the same way as the C language, but found that simple. Oq  oq'm doing is creating the need Matlab and then generate a DLL, this  DLL in VB care and this in turn handles the SolidWorks is not very  practical but it was the only way I've found at this time. If you find a better solution please post here in the forum.

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                      Shuvom Ghose

                      I may also be mis-understanding the question, but if you're looking for a way to manipulate SW models INSIDE OF Matlab, there is a software called "Capri" from "CADNEXUS" which acts as a bridge.


                      The model starts out in SW or some CAD package, you use CAPRI to bring it into a Matlab m-script, and then you can run your simulation equations from there.


                      I've never used it- we were looking into this product and I stumbled on this post.


                      Webpage here:  http://www.cadnexus.com/index.php   I think the company is CADNEXUS, the software is called CAPRI.


                      Shuvom Ghose

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                          Scott McFadden


                          Thank you for sharing this.  You have impeccable  timing because I was just talking about the

                          interfacing of Mathlab with Solidworks.  We are in the process of getting the latest Mathlab

                          version and I was talking about this very topic, but at the time wasn't sure how SW did interface.

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                      Vivek Sagar

                      For the benefit of the MATLAB and Solidwork users - We used a software called CADLab, got a trial license and it worked out great.  CADLab interfaces real-time between MATLAB and SW. We are considering buying it.




                      Thanks for this post - will try out CADNexus as well.

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                        Gary Hilson

                        Can anyone tell me if this is possible. I'm in a Matlab class and would like to combine a Solidworks aircraft model and simulate it inside Matlab. Would it be possible to calculate the lift and drag using the tools inside Solidworks and Matlab?