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    How to get a 2nd EPDM Workflow active?

    Steve Marx

      I created a second workflow that has only one "State Change", between "Initialized" and "Approved" as we are new to EPDM and just moving files. So to make it easier than changing states 5 times, I wanted to create a workflow that only had two states, "Initialized" and Approved" However it had me insert a transition, which is fine, but I cannot get the Workflow activated.

      I have three "States" - Initialized, Free Pass, and Approved.

      I have everything saved and it shows up in "Workflows" in EPDM Admin. However when I go to change the state of a moved file, it always goes to the Default Workflow....


      What am I missing?

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          Michael Dekoning



          Right click on your new workflow and choose "Properties..." then add conditions that specify which files belong in it.



          EPDM 2011 SP2

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            Steve Marx

            Thanks guys, that did work.


            I made the condition to "CAD Files" and now I can do exactly what I want.


            However, once the files are in, how do I change the default back to where a drawing needs to go through all the state changes? Do I just modify the Properties again?


            I was hoping they would both be there to pick from.


            The original has an :"OR", and then an underlying category with "Cad Files"


            Thanks again, I'll keep playing with it.

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                Wayne Matus



                You really cannot have the option to pick from. If a file can go into more than one workflow, EPDM will pick the one it puts it in. I file will stay in a workflow forever unless you have a workflow link. The workflow link allows you to move files from one workflow to another. It does get tricky in setting up the conditions so that the file starts in the correct workflow but can still be capable of moving to the next workflow.

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                    Tim Read

                    Hi Steve,


                    I think I understand what you are trying to achieve. Maybe you could just create a single Workflow with ALL the States and Transitions you want/need and then add an extra Transition to go directly from "Initiated" to "Approved".


                    You can have as many transitions between two States as you want. You control which transistion is used by setting the Permit right to different Groups / Users on each individual transistion. You can even have multiple the transistions with the same name and control which one is used within the properties of the transistion.


                    Hope this helps,