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Content Central Imported Geometry Error

Question asked by Ashmore Robert on May 9, 2011
Latest reply on May 10, 2011 by Hardik Desai

Hi All,


I have been working with a shipping container model from content central and it works for the most part, but I get an import error on the main body of the model.  I have tried downloading it in every format option available.  It is useable, but getting the error on every rebuilt gets old - I also have an issue where PhotoView crashes when I try to render the image with a decal projected on the container and I think this import error is the culprit.  Anyone have any ideas on a way to fix this?


Here is the link to the model:


(the 20' version of this assembly shows the same error)






p.s. running this on SW 2011 Pro v1.0 - it gives me the same error in SW 2010 as well.