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Missing Items from BOM

Question asked by Art Radomski on May 9, 2011
Latest reply on May 17, 2011 by Art Radomski

I have a stange issue with my top level BOM, library parts not showing up past line item 20.  The BOM stops at item 20 and the desciption is correct but rest of the fasteners descriptions from the library do not show up, rest of the line items.  But the quantity for the remaining items is added up in line 20.

If I change the BOM to "all parts" those fasterners still do not show up either.  I tried to delete all the fasteners and reinsert them line by line and it stops at line 20 again on the drawing BOM, and when item 21 is inserted it just increases the quantity in line 20 and the description stays the same.


Please help I need to get some drawings out to a customer ASAP.