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How to view dimensions in imported stp or ProE file?

Question asked by Annette Jennings on May 6, 2011
Latest reply on May 6, 2011 by Erik Bilello

I am helping my engineer work with a customer on a quote and they have sent stp and ProE files. I have tried various options for importing, but I don't see any dimensions and can't view anything in the feature tree other than the "imported" solid body. (We've also gone back to the customer and asked for a drawing with dimensions and they then sent a Parasolid file, but when I open it in SW, it is completely blank - nothing is there)


I'm working on four separate part files, and am importing these into SW2007.


BTW I've never done this (importing) before so please be gentle. I went through the ACAD import tutorials and the help file on ProE imports already. The best I've gotten thus far is:


  • using the "Make Drawing from Part/Assembly" button
  • laying out the Standard 3 View on a sheet
  • and using Smart Dimension to dimension the radius of an interior curve
  • and then using Autodimension to fill in the rest


I'm afraid the initial Smart Dimension is not trustworthy - how certain can I be that this is the right dimension? Or does SW just guestimate?