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    Making page 2 template different than page 1?

    Jeff Anderson

      So a few years ago I figured out a way to make a drawing automatically pick a 2nd format for page 2 of a drawing.  But I couldn't find an option for it now.  I recently changed our formats for our drawings and it was quite annoying to have to change the sheet format everytime I did a page 2.  I called Tech Support for our local solidworks supplier and they told me it wasn't possible, but that I could turn on the dialogue box for it to ask me which sheet format I wanted to use.

      Well, I found a work around that I wanted to share.  So, here is the trick.

      1. Create your two sheet formats (a slddrt file) Save them as page 1 and page 2

      2. Create a drawing template with the page 1 sheet format as the first sheet.

      3. Move the sheet format location for page 1 into a subfolder ( you may want to keep the template for future use).

      4. Open up a new drawing and change the sheet format to your page 2 format.

      5. Hit save sheet format in the "File" pull down menu, but save the name under the page 1 file name.

      6. Now when you create a new drawing it has the sheet format of page 1 embedded in the file and will bring it up automatically, then when you add a sheet, it will look for the file name of the original sheet format when you create a page 2 and pull up your "trick" page 1, which is actually page 2.

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          Kelvin Lamport

          Check the previous threads on this topic in the More Like This box on the RH side of the screen.

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            Glenn Schroeder

            Why not just create a drawing template with two sheets, each with the desired sheet format?  You could delete the second sheet from your drawing when it wasn't needed.

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              Daen Hendrickson

              We have this working pretty well. It has been a while since I set it up, but I will try to give a step by step. We also updated our drawing templates last fall and I had to redo this functionality.


              There is a great article on this very subject here: http://www.solidworkscommunity.com/print_article.php?cpfeatureid=47409


              This article discusses the idea of a "second page variable" but it doesn't quite work since they left out a few steps. I suggest you read the article and then add the extra few steps noted here.


              1. Create your page 1 sheet format and save it with a name indicating it is for page 1. (Our in-house name is B - Landscape (ISTS).slddrt)
              2. Create your page 2 sheet format and save it with a name indicating it is for page 2+. (Our in-house name is B - Landscape (ISTS) [Page 2].slddrt)
              3. Create your single-page drawing template using the page 1 sheet format.
                1. Now the article says to open the sheet properties and select the page 2+ format and it will save this path. The problem is it will LOAD the page 2+ sheet format. Instead...
              4. RMC on the sheet and select properties. You should see your page 1 and page 2+ sheet formats listed.
              5. Open Windows Explorer and navigate to your folder containing your sheet formats.
              6. Temporarily rename the page 2+ sheet format file.
                1. If the sheet properties dialog was opened as directed in step 4, it will not update its information with the newly renamed page 2+ sheet format.
              7. Return to SW and in the sheet properties dialog select the page 2+ sheet format from the list and select OK.
                1. SW will pop a message that "The sheet format could not be located".
              8. Click OK
              9. A new dialog will pop open titled Sheet Format/Size and show you a list of sheet formats.
              10. Click Cancel on this dialog.
              11. The Second Page Variable is now set.
              12. In Windows Explorer, restore the page 2+ sheet format file name to what SW is looking for.
              13. Save your drawing template.


              Hope I haven't left out any steps.


              What this gives you when you start a new drawing is a single page document using the page 1 sheet format. When you click the Add Sheet tab or Insert / Sheet the Sheet Properties dialog box will open with the page 2+ sheet format preselected so all you need to do is click OK. All added sheets will use the page 2+ sheet format.


              We have this same scenario set up for size A & B Portrait and Landscape, C & D Landscape, and an Unlinked B Portrait and Landscape. The Unlinked uses the same title block but strips out all the property links back to the part / assembly files. Instead it used the properties populated in the drawing. We use this for things like operator manual drawings, sales prints, or other non-manufacturing type drawing work.