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Unable to get the right displacement......

Question asked by Avishek Kar on May 6, 2011
Latest reply on Jun 5, 2012 by Rich Jones

I have been trying to perform an static analysis on a manhole cover in SolidWorks Simulation but unable to get the desired displacemnt. The desired value is below 1.5mm but after repetitive attempts the best value I got is 1.7mm. Its an iges file, which I have converted to SolidWorks part, using the import diagonistic and feature recongnization tools.


The parameters are as such


Material Used- Ductile Iron.

The bottom face of the cover is fixed.

Force = 14300N on the top face of the cover is concentrated in the circumference of a circle of 250mm dia at the centre.


As, I am new to Simulation, there can be some errors. Kindly guide me on this issue. I have attached the files for further reference.


Thanks & regards