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    Help Preventing Data Conversion

      This probably would be too much work for a really large database, but maybe you can use custom extensions for each version. For example, use .sldprt04 for 2004, .sldprt06, etc. And then associate each extension with the proper version of SWX. Hopefully there is a better answer, but this should work with double-clicking to open. Of course, you would have to rename them before sending them out, which may not make it worthwhile.

      Peter Gillespie
      SolidWorks 2004 SP1 / COSMOS 2004
        • Help Preventing Data Conversion
          I have clients that run various versions of SW - some current, some older. I work in the proper version for each client, but inevitably end up opening older files with newer versions of SW once in a while. It posses a real danger to my database if I accidentally convert files from an older version - this would prevent the client from opening the files unless they upgraded their SW. I know SW wants to get the maintenance fees, but I need a way to protect this from happening. So far losses have been slight, but I would like to know if there is a way to restrict older files from being opened by uprev software. I imagine that some sort of full featured security software may give one the abililty to pick and choose exactly what app can access certain folders - but I'm just guessing. Any thoughts out there?