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version neutral Flow Sim models

Question asked by Rich Bayless on May 5, 2011
Latest reply on Dec 17, 2012 by Rich Bayless

Hello all,


Youi know whenever someone posts a Flow Sim model, trying to get help, we almost always run up against the 'Version Wall'?


Example 1:  I'm running 2010, he's running 2011, I can't open his model, I hit a brick wall.

Example 2:  He's running 2009, I'm running 2010, he can't open my model, he hits a brick wall.


I was wondering if posting the model in a version neutral format would help ease the pain?


I'm posting a venturi model developed by Eran Levi, see his message


The model was exported as 'Parasolid' format.


I'd like for people to try opening the model and then report back the results, including what version of SW you are running.

In SW, to open the file, you'll have to change the file type to Parasolid.


To run Flow Sim, you'll have to set up a study.  Start with a cross section view, so you can select interior surfaces.


Interior study,

default fluid, air

take all defaults from the wizard.

Add boundary condtions to the inlet and outlet inner surfaces, such as 10 ft/sec inlet, environment pressure outlet.

Stay with default mesh of level 3, mesh and run.

It should run quickly, and go supersonic with a warning.


Let's see what happens!


Thanks,  Rich.